21 December, 2014

Wedding at the Beach? Yes, Please by CocoMelody

by Ana Correia 5 comments

Today I'm super excited with this post, if you guys follow  my blog and my recent post, you know that I've been all about wedding parties and wedding dresses, probably because of my best friends wedding, it's all she can talk about when we're together, so maybe she gave me a little of her obsession. Today I want to share with you something that I discovered on one of my last research, I think that every girl has already pictured her own wedding and dreamt about what she would like to have on it and where she would like to have it, I'm not different, even though I don't intend to get married anytime soon, a girl can dream =). So when it came to places to hold a wedding, I must confess that I always wanted to have mine at the beach, I don't really know why, but when I was little and imagined it, it was on a beach, I think most girls also thought about it, I mean it's not the most practical place but it's so romantic and I think I've never seen wedding at the beach that didn't looks pretty and sweet.
So I was doing some research for my friend and found out Cocomelody, which has been an expert dressmaker in wedding dresses for over 15 years.
They offer a vast selection of wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, mother of the bride dresses and special occasion dresses for prom, cocktail, homecoming, graduation, sweet 16 and Quinceañera parties. They claim that their dresses are not only of equivalent quality to gowns that cost thousands of dollars by top brands, but also can be customized to fit you and your theme, not only in personal measurements but also in characteristic colors. CocoMelody has a distinctive combination of classic style with modern touch and a strong connection to leading fashion trends.

So Cocomelody has a full section on their website dedicated to beach wedding dresses and to brides that are having their wedding at the beach. Which I think it's genius because the selection of a dress for a wedding at the beach is a little different from one that will be at a church. It has to be more functional dress, probably not so long but it has to be beautiful anyway of course.
And I loved a few styles that I saw in the website, because they were simple, like the place ask for but at the same time so elegant and classy. 
So if you're a bride and you thought that finding the perfect destination wedding dresses was hard, here's the solution, you will find so many gorgeous dresses and eventually you will find the perfect one for you, So I decided to show you guys my favorites.


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