21 December, 2014

New In: Hair Accessories from eBay

by Ana Correia 3 comments

I think I buy more stuff on eBay than anyone else, but I always find the coolest things when I'm on the website. This time I did a small haul only with hair accessories that I found that could be interesting. I'll confess that a few of them I'm still trying to figure it out how they work because I don't know.
I got my order like 20 days later, that's the regular time for me to get packages from China to Portugal, so when I need something from eBay I always have to order it in advance, in order to get here on time.
I also got this set of foam rollers with 10 piece, I'm not sure with size I got, I guess the medium because you can get thicker or larger rollers, it will depend on how you like your hair, with bigger or smaller curls.
I already try them and I really like the effect, I'll do a full tutorial on them really soon, so you can see how is done. I think the set cost $3, I'n not sure, but I got it from this seller:
I bought a package with 3 hair buns in different sizes, the small, the medium and the larger. I like to do a messy bun, I started by doing it with a sock then I bought a bun but it was a small size, so when I saw this package I had to buy it. It was $4, it totally worth it, I've been using it a lot and I got it from this seller:

Now to the accessories I got that I'm still figuring it out how they work.
I didn't try any of them, but I will leave the price and the seller where you can buy it, they have picture of the effect that the accessories are supposed to do, Oh and if you know how they work, please let me know.
The pink sponge was $1 and I got it here:
The black clipper was $1 and I got it from:
The "S" tool was $1 and I got it from this seller:


  1. very nice accessories!
    greetings xoxo


  2. Nice, I like for my hair it´s a caos!!
    xx L.

  3. I like to curl my hair with these soft foam curlers