21 December, 2014

Store Review: Lovelywholesale - Part I

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Right now, we can find a million of online stores with really cheap prices and beautiful products. But I think we all should read online reviews about these shops before making an order because not all of them are good. We see people that have to wait 3 months to received their order, some don't even get the order at all and don't get a refund for it. Others complain about the quality of the products or the fact that the items are different from the product photo on the website and some receive products with defects or broken. 

And I think this is the part where bloggers reviews can make a difference, of course our experience may be I different but at least you would know if it's a trustful shop. 
That being said, I want to introduce you LovelyWholeSale, that is a Chinese online shop where you can find everything from clothes to hair accessories. I want to share with you, my experience ordering from this shop and also a review of the products I ordered. 
I only ordered jewelry because I fall in love with their pieces, all of them are so beautiful. They're always adding new pieces to the website, that's why my review will have a part II because I made this order and in the next week I saw new things and I ordered again. 
About this order, the shipping time was the normal one, it took about 20 days to get to me, it's the average time that an order from China by regular mail take to get to Portugal. 
It came very well packed in bubble wrap and it came with a description sheet with pictures of the products I bought, the colors, and the prices. 
In the first order, I bought 4 necklaces, 3 pairs of earrings and a pair of sunglasses.
I got this necklace because I didn't own any necklace colorful and especially for summer I think it can really make a difference to an outfit and make it pop out. The quality is really good and the design is really cute. I got it in hot pink and gold.
I got this silver necklace because I liked the design, but it actually surprised me when I got it, is a simple necklace but it has an elegant touch, I've been wearing it a lot.
Well Just like the pink one I also got the yellow one for the color. It's a yellow neon with really beautiful design and it can make look more colorful. It was only 
I wanted a gold necklace for a really long time, but the were all really close to the myself I didn't like. I decided to order this one, even though I thought I wouldn't like it, but it looks nice on the neck.
About the earrings, I wanted to grow my earrings collection  and lovelywholesale is the right place to do it, they have so many gorgeous earrings that I couldn't help myself and got a few.
I got this clear pair that are absolutely gorgeous, they're my favorites at the moment, they look so elegante.
I also got these neon yellow ones... I think I got them because when I saw them I immediately add them to the cart. I love them, but I don't know if I'll use it.
And I finally got these golden earrings, in the picture I thought that they would be smaller but they're also big earrings. I like them anyway. They're so cute.
Finally I also got a pair of sunglasses and they were very cheap so I thought that the quality was probably terrible, but I got a lovely surprise when I got them. The quality is very good, they came with a case, I didn't know that. I love it so much, the details are really cute.

So I'm really happy that I ordered from LovelyWholesale, the quality of the products is actually pretty good, I don't know about the clothing but I highly recommend if you're looking for cute and affordable pieces of jewelry, take a look at their website.
A week lateral after I made this order, I went to check the status and I realized that they had added new things to the jewelry section, so I ended up ordering again from them. I'll be posting about what I got on my second order, so make sure you follow me.


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