21 December, 2014

Wedding day is coming: What should I wear?

by Ana Correia 7 comments

I will have a wedding of a really close friend at the beginning of June and we were at her house the other day searching online for a wedding dress for her. Yes, she doesn't have the dress yet and she does not like any dresses that she saw so far, she is looking for a specific design that she imagined and now we have been like crazies trying to find it.
We came across an online shop called WeddingShe and after searching the whole shop we finally found the kind of design she was looking for and she actually liked a few dresses. Which was a total shock to me, we probably have been to five different stores to find the dress she wanted and nothings and just like that we found it online. But I had to agree with her the dresses are really pretty and they have so many different designs, I think every bride would find her ideal dress in that shop and have a pretty wedding of weddingshe. The prices are also really affordable, when we went to the physical stores, she told me she didn't want to spend a lot on a wedding dress, so she was also really pleased with the price of the dresses.
She like this 3 dresses and I'll be honest I loved them all, so when she asked for my opinion I was not a great help.
She decided to get number two, because it was the exact design she wanted. She made the order, I was a little scared because ordering online is not always an easy thing, with measures, quality, even more when you're shopping for a wedding dress, but she was so happy to find the one she wanted that I supported her and let's see how this goes. The dress didn't arrive yet but when it comes I'll share my thoughts with you. She is really happy and can't wait to get the dress, I confess that I had lost hope in finding a dress that she would love, thanks to weddingshe. Before we order we did some research about the shop and we only found great reviews about the products and the quality, so let's hope everything goes smooth.
After solving her problem, I decided it was probably time for me to start thinking about what I was going to wear to the wedding. I always leave everything to the last minute and I always get stuck with a so-so dress because I don't have time to look for anything else. So we decided to check weddingshe party dresses and see if I liked something. I was amazed by all the gorgeous dresses they had. so many styles and colors that just like my friend I got confused and I still don't know which one I should get. I put together my top 3 and I need your help, which one is your favorite?

If you're looking for a bride dress, bridesmaid dress, party dress or evening dress I would recommend you to take a look at weddingshe because they have such a varity of styles that you may find the dress you idealized. They also sell shoes and accessories. Take a look for yourself.


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  2. Beautiful wedding dresses! I love it

  3. Beautiful wedding gowns!
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  4. This store looks really beautiful!

  5. I love weddings, the dresses are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.


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