21 December, 2014

Store Review: Another order from Lovelywholesale

by Ana Correia 4 comments

If you follow my blog, you should already know that I like to order from these online shops to see which ones are good and trustful and the ones that are not.
So I'm a regular client from Lovelywholesale and from my previous experience they're a trustful shop and their products have really quality, so you don't need to spend a lot of money to get pretty and good accessories.
I already wrote two posts about them, see part I and part II, you can see the shipping time, quality, and a full review on the products I got.
I don't know why but the jewelry section always has a way to pull me right into it. I was on the website this time to order a few pieces of clothing because I never order it and I wanted to find out how the quality was, but again I ended up with a cart full of jewelry and no clothes, it's one of those things that I can't explain how it happened.
This time I got this really pretty yellow flower necklace, I've been wearing it a lot, especially with white sweaters because it pops out and it make the outfit so colorful and elegant, I really liked this necklace.
I also got this gold detailed necklace with clear gems, I was not expecting it to be so gorgeous, in the picture I couldn't imagine that it was so bright, it's a little heavy so you can see that the material they use has good quality, it's one of my favorites right now.
I also got these clear gem earrings and I liked these and I was a little torn about getting them but I'm glad I did, because I can use them when I don't feel like using big earrings.
Finally, I got these small earrings with gem and reflections, that I thought I wouldn't like but after I got them I ended up liking them a lot because they look really elegant and pretty.
Again the products did not disappoint me, the quality is really good and the products are so pretty. I didn't have any problem with any  of my orders so far, so if you're looking for new pieces of jewelry to add to your collection, check Lovelywholesale website, because I'm pretty sure you'll find something that you like for a small price.


  1. Very beautiful!
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  2. Beautiful necklace!