21 December, 2014

Introducing: Ca-Bridal

by Ana Correia 4 comments

I've been obsessed with those online stores that sell wedding dresses, bridesmaid, cocktail, evening and prom dresses. I just think that they have so many beautiful dresses at such an affordable price that makes me want to buy all of them.
I mean when I go dress shopping at a physical store for something to wear on a special day I never find anything perfect for the occasion or when I do find it, it cost way more than what I wanted to spend.
I found this new store called ca-bridal, I'm always looking for new online shops, and I did the first thing that I normally do when I discover a new store, search online for reviews, so I search for Ca-Bridal Reviews and I didn't find any bad one. It was actually the other way around, I only read several positive ones.
Ca-Bridal is one of world's leading online retailers, operating throughout the United States and Europe. They have the largest apparel and dresses sites on the Internet. Ca-Bridal.com offers exclusive brands that reflect the Company's commitment to providing customers with style and quality at smart prices. They claim to have the best quality and the best price.

I've been focus on finding a good website that sells bridal gowns because ones of my closest friend is getting married and she asked me to search online for stores with different and beautiful dresses and also affordable too because she does not know if she will get her dress online or in a store, the ones she saw in stores are very expensive and the do not have that WOW effect, they're very simple. So like a dedicated bridesmaid that I am, I've been looking around, from website to website and putting together a few website and dresses to show her.
I think she will love the dresses from ca-bridal because they different from what we normally see in other online stores. They are gorgeous and they actually made me thinking about getting married so that I could by one for me. I picked a few to email to my friend so I'll show you my choices, these are definitely my favorites.

Since I was already on the website I did a little research for myself, I went to their bridesmaid section and found a few cute dresses but the one that really caught my eye was the section with dress for prom, I was speechless. I'm not going to a prom anytime soon but I thought that a few of those dresses were actually appropriate for other occasions, and I was so in love with their dresses that I selected a few. I mean they're so bright, with a beautiful pop of color, I found all of them so adorable. From the photos, I could see that even though they are very affordable the quality was not compromised because it seems to be very well made. I seriously want to get one of these dresses from myself, their designs are so different from everything that I've seen so far.
I think everyone would look great with one of theses dresses, so I did a little wishlist for myself just in case =).


  1. Nice dresses Thank you for shared that page.


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