21 December, 2014

New In: Ebay Jewelry Display

by Unknown 8 comments
I love to shop on eBay because everything you can think of, you'll find it there. I've seen videos on youtube where girls had a jewelry display or holder in the back and I confess that I even saw some DIY to try to make one because the ones in the videos, were kind of expensive, but it didn't go that well :) and give up on doing it. 
The other day my mom was in my room and she was saying that I needed to organize my watches and bracelets because she was finding them all over my room and around the house and I wanted them I never knew where I kept it.  
Well, as always mom knows best and I went to eBay look for holders and I found exactly the one I wanted and it was actually cheap. I guess it was around 18$ I got it from this seller :
I got mine in black, not only because it was cheaper but because it was in velvet, I also saw it in white, pink and in leather. 
It's a 3 tier rack, I guess there's also a smaller size too. The product quality is actually pretty good, I thought it would look like the one I tried to make with hot glue all over it but no, it has great quality. I highly recommend it if you're looking for a place to storage your watches and bracelets. 
My mom was really proud of me when I got this and organized everything. Now I always know where my things are.  
I'll admit I bought it mostly for her to stop bugging me but it came out to be really handy and it looks really pretty on my room.


  1. Adorava ter um desses pra organizar as coisas !

  2. Super pratico!
    Bem que preciso de um!


  3. Também adoro comprar no ebay! Esse organizador é maravilhoso.
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  4. Great buy, I am always on eBay also!

  5. Really like the way you organised your jewellery. I need start organising mine properly!


  6. Amazing pieces! Watches are ALWAYS the perfect accessory.


  7. Great post!

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  8. Hi sweetie
    Great post, you have an amazing watch collection
    Love the pink one