21 December, 2014

Small Haul

by Ana Correia 5 comments

I'm starting to think that I have issues, today I went to the mall to pick something for my mom and I think it only took 5 minutes, so I was in the mall for less than 10 minutes and  I couldn't help myself to buy a few things on my way out.
It's a small haul, but I decided to share it anyway, especially because of these lipglosses.
I have my wallet for almost a year and a half and I was looking for a new one for a while but I need a big wallet and I was not able to find one that liked until today.
I immediately felt in love with this wallet, the design is super cute and the color is an adorable beige. I like wallets that have one side for cards and other side with a zipper.
I got this wallet from Tally Weijl and it only cost me 8.99€.
Then I saw that Rimmel lipglosses were on sale so I had to make another quick stop.
There was only a few of them left in, but I was able to get this two gorgeous colors.
The first one I got was number 110-STRUT, which is a pinkish, it looks darker in the picture due to flash but the color is really pretty.
The other one I got was in color number 120-Minx that is also a pink but is more colorful and vibrant. This one looks really pretty on the lips.
So far I've only tried them once but I absolutely loved the formula, they feel so soft and actually deliver what they promise, they give volume to the lips.
They're both from the Full Volume collection.
I will write a full review about these two lipglosses because they're really great and the colors are so pretty. Review and swatches coming soon.


  1. Adorei as compras !
    Os batons da rimmel são tão giros !


  2. Great post, I really liked your style. You want us to follow the one to the other? let me know. kisses


  3. Just came here for first time and I love your blog! it´s really cute! I´ll be here very often :D
    what do you think of following each other?
    Have a great weekend! :)
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  4. Muito fixe o Haul. Adorei tudo :)

    beij♥s, e uma boa semana<3

    "Health & Beauty"