21 December, 2014

New In: Dresslink Goodies

by Ana Correia 5 comments

I was contacted by Dresslink to establish a partnership between their brand and the blog. I always get excited to work with brands because this way I can give you a verified information about the quality of their products, shipping time and also if they have a good customer service.
After I searched their website and see their products I immediately accepted the partnership because I thought Dresslink is the type of brand that suits the blog.
So first thing first, Dresslink for those who are not familiarly with the brand is a worldwide online fashion clothing seller. They supply the most fashionable clothing internationally. They are a legally registered company and have received their business license from HongKong, so purchase at Dresslink.com is really safe.
They are always adding beautiful new styles to their collection and are proud to offer exceptional low price but good quality at the same time.

Now about what I ordered, I liked many products on their website but I ended up getting 5 products.
The fist thing I got was this t-shirt that I was looking for a while, I think I saw a few bloggers wearing it and I really liked it. So when I saw this t-shirt I decided to get one for myself. They also had this same design in a sweater  but I liked the t-shirt way more. The quality of this products is amazing, the fabric is really soft and I got it in size XL because I learned the hardest way that normally chinese sizes are a lot smaller than European size but this one actually has the perfect size and it fits me really well, I'm really happy with this product.

I also ordered this long sleeve irregular blouse in fuchsia, I know they have it in black, white, gray and rose red, I have to say that all the colors were cute but this one catch my eye, I immediately felt in love with the fuschia color. I also love the elbow details.
The blouse is even more pretty live than in the pictures. As for the material is Spandex (Lycra) and I was expecting really bad quality because some photos on the website were not the most flatered, in some of them the blouse look really irregular, like it was wrongly made but when I opened the package I was really suprised by the quality and I'm so excited to wear it.

Now about this sweater... It was a last minute buy because Dresslink has this thing called Flashbuy, where you can get selected products for that day for only 0.01$, which I love, I think it's a great idea. You just have to make an order over 10$ and you can buy a product from the 0.01$ section, and trust me after you start searching on their website, I'm pretty sure you'll make an order over 10$ :)
Well, back to the sweater... I decided to get this sweater and it was 0.01$ like I said, the price is unbelievable cheap and I got the sweater in size XL. Well when I got the package I was really disappointed at this sweater, mostly because of the fabric because it was really bad and cold and also because of the size like I said I ordered XL and it looks like an S or M because it's really small and the fabric doesn't stretch, so it was really small for me but I'm going to give it to my cousin and I'm sure she will love it. Don't get me wrong for a 0.01$ it was a great deal but I would be really upset if I had paid the full price for this sweater.

I was in serious need of a good pair of gloves and I really liked these pair, there were many colors but they were in sale so the red was the only color available at the moment and I actually moved on to other products because I was looking for a more neutral color but after a while I couldn't stop thinking about the gloves and I went back and added to the cart. I was so in love with the design and it decided to get it even in red because it's a really strong color and I was afraid I couldn't use them with a few of my oufits. At the end, I'm really glad I ordered them because, yes, they're a really bright color but it make my outfits really pop out.

And the last item I got, was this set of makeup brushes, I love to buy makeup brushes but I don't like to spend a lot of money on them. I found that some cheap brushes do the same thing as really expensive ones, so I started to buy this kind of brushes and I'm really happy so far.
I got this set of 5 eyeshadow brushes and I'm really happy with the quality of them, they're soft and blend really well, So if you're looking for good makeup brushes but inexpensive ones I highly recommend checking the Dresslink brushes because you won't regret it.

At the end, I'm really happy with my order from Dresslink, because everything as so cheap. I think none of this items was over 5$, a few were in the sale section but the quality of all of these products were so good that I was really surprised.
If you're looking for cute and affordable clothing, Dresslink is the place to shop. Don't forget to check their website to find more beautiful pieces.


  1. I love those items:) Great brushes <3
    Have a nice week!

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