21 December, 2014

Store Review: Apparel Candy

by Unknown 2 comments

I love searching online for new online stores and when I find one that I like and that sells pretty products I like to share with you, my discovery. I think that we can always use a good and cheap online store.
Today I want to introduce you a store called Apparel Candy, that sells wholesale clothing (basics and trendy pieces) and accessories like sunglasses, makeup, fragrances, and handbags so you can get stylish fashion pieces for an affordable price.
Their store is one of the largest online wholesalers of cosmetics from nail polish, make-up, eye shadow, lipstick, to nail polish removers and eye curlers, perfumes and colognes. So it's definitely a destination for fashion clothing online that you have to bookmark and visit all over again.
I never would've thought to shop from a wholesale website, but now I've changed my mind. I didn't make an order from them yet, but I'm already adding stuff to my cart because everything is so affordable and there is a huge range of products with different styles to choose from.
In the Apparel Candy Wholesale Clothing section, I found some cool dresses and tops that I’d love having in my closet. They come in different all these different colors and prints, they really are lovely and stylish. For Fall/ Winter, I actually found some really nice sweaters and jackets, they have a great variety of pieces. I decided to create a wishlist of my favorites, take a look and let me know what you think.

So the good thing is that all of the items at Apparel Candy are super cheap  you can buy a top for 6$ and a pack of 6 for 39$, you can get a lipstick for 1$ or 6 for 6$, a fragrance for a unit price of 3$ or the pack of 4 for 12$ or a clutch at a unit price of $7.50.
I mean when it comes to clothing pieces I might want to buy a dress and get an extra, but I will definitely not going to need 5 extra but if you're shopping online and can put together a group, like friends or family that might also like the products, I already did that and it really works.
Or you can also take advantage of the holiday season if you are looking for presents for friends, cousins, aunts, sisters, it's the perfect time to get a pack of 6 lipsticks, nail polishes, fragrances, or even a 6-pack of cute sweaters and put together a cute gift bag for them.
I think that shop wholesale jewelry specially or some items that you will need forever, like white/black/nude tank tops, vests, jewelry, sunglasses, lipsticks, eyeshadows it's a great way to save some money.
So I'll definitely be checking the handbags since they come in a pack of 1 and also the beauty products because you can never have enough of those.
And if you new to Apparel Candy, you get 15% off on your entire order! How sweet is that? 

Did you ever shop wholesale?

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