21 December, 2014

New In: Chanel Earrings

by Unknown 7 comments

I'm super intrigued... About 2 years ago I bought from Born Pretty Store a pair of earrings with the Chanel logo, I knew they were not real, I mean they only cost me $3.59 but I liked them so much that I got them anyway.
Last month I lost them and I was so upset. They were one of my favorite pair of earrings and I spent 2 days complaining about it on twitter, you have to understand I really liked them :(.
Well, today the weirdest thing happen, I got this pair in the mail, they're exactly like mines, maybe a little bigger I guess. When I opened the package I jumped with so much joy. I'm completely in love with them, but the intrigued part starts now... I have no idea of who sent them to me, the package did not said and I was not contacted by any company about this earrings.
I'm a little confused, the earrings came sealed and they were never worn, I disinfected them anyway just to be sure.
But anyway, to the person that send me these beauties, thank you so much, I really like them. I was so sad for losing mine that you've made my day.


  1. Love this story! Law of attraction <3

  2. You have a secret admirer :D


  3. There are good people around us =)

  4. I agree, you really have a secret admirer. X

  5. Thanks for the comment! I would love to :)
    I'll follow you *