21 December, 2014

Cocomelody Homecoming Dresses

by Ana Correia 22 comments

By the title of this post I think you guys can figure it out what I'm going to talk about... Dresses, again, and I think I've bought more dresses in the last two month than the in the whole last year.
But no, it's not about my homecoming, I'm a little old for that =) but recently I've been going through the homecoming dresses section on online stores because I always find something that I like and that I use for the occasion I'm looking for.
To me, Summer means all kinds of parties and I think this year has been even crazier, since the beginning of Summer I already went to two weddings and in 2 weeks I have my godson's Christianism and I couldn't be more excited, but that also means that I have to get another dress. So I went to a few of my go-to online store to see if there was anything new, because I already ordered the three dresses  for the previous parties and I didn't saw anything else that I liked. After hours of searching it was always the same dress in pretty much every store. I find it easier and cheaper to buy this kind of dresses online rather than physical stores, but I was about to give up until, I saw on Instagram a photo of a lovely dress that a blogger got from Cocomelody and of course I went to their website to check if it was too expensive.
I actually found some inexpensive homecoming dresses, again the homecoming dresses was the section that had exactly what I was looking for, but They have dresses for many diferent ocassions, if you're also looking for a homecoming dress, a wedding dress, bridesmaid dress, etc... I really recommend you checking this Cocomelody website because I'm 100% sure that you'll find something that you love.
They have so many beatiful dresses and what actually caught my attention was the fact that I found different styles of dresses that I hadn't seen in any other online store. I think that's because they have a categorie that is homecoming dresses 2015, there you can find the most recent dresses that they added.

I didn't know what color or style to go with, I'm really confused and since last time I asked for your help to choose a dress that went great, because I loved the dress you guys suggested I bought for the wedding that I decided to ask for your help again.
I came up with my top 3, and I must say it was hard to cut dresses out until I had only these three left but these are definitely my favorites from Cocomelody website, I want something cute but not over the top, I like dresses with a little sparkle, so guys which one is your favorite and you guys think I should go for to wear at my Godson's Christianism party?


  1. Pretty dresses :)


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  5. Wow! Such a fantastic dresses in lovely colors!


  6. the dresses are so cute *-*
    Just followed, now it's your turn ;D
    With Love,


  7. I don't know how I discovered your blog but I definitively stay here. I followed you and also in your social network!
    I didn't know about this site but they are so cute so you can wear them in any formal occasion. Thanks for the advice!
    Lots of kisses!


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  9. great post :) Have a nice day!


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    Really nice find, a good site to search for cute dresses!


  11. O último foi meu favorito, definitivamente! *-*
    Beijão, Ana do dia ♥

  12. Gosto imenso do vermelho. Já te sigo no gfc, eu so tenho google plus ahah c:


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  16. The dresses are so beautiful!!
    I followed your blog, it's amazing!!

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