21 December, 2014

May: Nails Of The Month

by Ana Correia 6 comments

This month I was a little confused about what to do with my nails and I searched online for inspiration, Pinterest always save me.
I normally don't like to use dark colors on my nails especially black because it's always messy, but I saw this really cute picture on Pinterest, black nails with the gold glitter and I really liked it but I didn't have gold glitter so I had to improvise.
I did all my nails in black, it took me a while to get my finger clean after  but in the end, the black was really shiny with only two coats.
After that, I added a pop of color like I said I didn't have gold glitter so I did it with my colorful glitter, it's so sparkly and it has different colors and differents reflexes.
I like the final result, I still think that it would look better with only gold glitter but it looks cute anyway and I love my nails.
I will have dark nails this month, I'm a little afraid that I will be sick of it, but I'm already thinking about going with a lighter color next month.


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  2. Great idea! The glitter stands out perfectly against the black! :)

    Love, Karina
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  3. Gostei das unhas! São bonitas! :D


  4. Que linda cor, eu gostei
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