21 December, 2014

Product Review: Purity Belle Candles

by Ana Correia 14 comments

As many of you may already know I'm crazy about candles, there's always one burning in my room and I talked to Cliona Kelliher that is the owner of an Etsy shop where she sells candles that she makes herself. She always try to reuse materials and she also incorporates eco-friendly packaging and materials. Purity Belle candles are all about being eco-friendly.
Cliona was super nice and sent me 3 candles to review, this was before the blog went down, so I want to apologise and ask you all to check her Etsy store because she owns a small business and struggles to keep it running and having a full-time job. I also want to apologise to Cliona for taking so long for the post to came live on my blog.
About the candles I got 3 different scents - Banana Nut Bread; Vintage Rose; Apple Blossom. 
They all have amazing scents, I have to say that my favorite is Banana Nut Bread because it's such a warm scent, it's perfect for winter and it really smells like food.
These candles not only have an amazing scent in the container but also when you burn them. Sometimes you get those candles that smell really good in the container and when you burn them it doesn't smell like that at all, so I was really surprise with these ones.
The other day I burned the Vintage Rose for about one hour in my room and then I went out, when I came back 2 hours later the scent was still there and it lasted almost the whole day. So they not only smell delicious but the scent also last for a relly long time.
I would highly recommend you to check Cliona's shop and making an order because you won't regret it. I'm already trying to decide which scent should I get next but they all seems to be good, so it is a little hard to make my choice. 
But for real, if you're looking for good candles, check the information down below.
Email: puritybelle@gmail.com


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  2. Beautiful review - I adore candles as well!

  3. I love candles so I'll definitely be checking these out :)


  4. Gosh, I love scented candles! I can almost smell it from here, dear! xoxo

  5. Great review, i can't sleep without lighting my scented candle, it just puts me to a good mood <3


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  11. I love candles, wonderful when I get home has wonderful scent *.*