21 December, 2014

I've been away for way too long

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Every time I think that my last post in October I get so upset. So I think I own all my readers an explanation. 
The blog was doing really, really good and I was ready to end the year with almost the double number of followers than I had last year and then I got the stupid idea that maybe it would be better to move from Blogger to Wordpress because of a few articles I read. 
I decided to hire a guy from etsy to do it because it's a really hard process and I didn't know how it was done. Well, the guy I hired apparently wasn't that good either because he screwed up big time. I have no idea of what he done, but he blocked my access to my own blog. He didn't do it on purpose at least that's what he said but he changed some codec's or whatever and he couldn't restore it, for almost two months the guy tried to solve the problem, I didn't wanted him to erase all the information because I would lose a few posts in the process, so he tried everything he couldn't, but it was not able to fix it. 
That made me lose the access to the blog and after long emails and explanations to the blogger team, they took a look at it and that was around Christmas time by the end of January they helped me getting my blog back. 
Since then I've been working on the blog, before I start posting again, I will be re-launching the blog on March 9th so stay turn for a big come back. I'm already changing the layout and theme.
I want to apologise to all my readers for going MIA for so long, I lost some followers along the way but I'll get them back and to those who stayed, I'll prove you've made the right decision. 
Thank you for all the support, Love you all <3. 
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  1. What a bad experience and now you scared me about the idea to hire someone who should be better than me to make some changes on my blog … argh!
    Bonjourchiara Facebook Page

  2. Hi!!! thanks for the comment;) sure, I'd like to follow each other;) I wait you to start;)xoxo