21 December, 2014

Cocomelody Designer Wedding Dresses

by Ana Correia 4 comments

I've been a fan of Cocomelody website for at least 2 years, I always find something that I love and sometimes I find dresses that I thought I created in my mind but they actually have something really similar to what I wanted.
But today I actually want to talk about something new I found out about Cocomelody that I didn't section.
I'm talking about the Designer Wedding Dresses, where I found the most beautiful wedding dresses I've ever seen, if you are getting married soon and you still don't have a wedding dress I really recommend you to take a look at these beauties, I'm pretty sure you'll fall in love with these dresses just like I did. My brother is getting married next month and I already sent the link to my sister in law so that she take a look and maybe find her dream wedding dress.
I never really thought about how I would like my wedding dress to be like, but these designer weddings dress really got me thinking so I kind of did these wishlist because these dresses are absolutely gorgeous, it kind of made me want to buy one just to try it on :) Even though I'm not getting married anytime soon, but I decided to do my wishlist anyways and share with you, because maybe one of you is looking for a beautiful wedding dress and I would like to help with my suggestions.
I was able to reduce my favorites to only 6 wedding dresses, I must say that it was not easy, but here they are, I selected from a few different designer, so check the website if you want to know which designer is and see more of their collection.
Since I was already on the Cocomelody website, I decided to check some wedding dresses but for the reception because I don't know about you girls but I would like to have two wedding dresses one long and puff and on short and more simple so I found myself on the short wedding dresses section and I have to say that I was surprised the short wedding dresses were as pretty as the long ones, these are my favorites.


  1. These dresses are all so beautiful - love the colours and styles!! :)

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  3. I absolutely love the season for these things! ♥ xx You will like to see more from here.