21 December, 2014

Recebidos: Born Pretty Store

by Unknown 8 comments

The blog has a partnership with Born Pretty Store for a long time and I was already a customer of their store before we started to collaborate, I'm a fan of their products because even though they're cheap, they have great quality and I own a pair of earring a bought from them 3 years ago and they still perfect, so their products also last you a long time.
This time, I received 3 items from them: a necklace, a bracelet and a pair of earrings.
Starting with the necklace, I was looking for this necklace for a while. I saw it on a blog and I immediately fell in love with it.  I got it in the bright yellow color because I wanted a necklace that could bring a pop of color to my black outfits but it had to be simple at the same time. So when I saw this necklace in "person" I was really surprised because it was everything I wanted, I really liked it.

I also got this white bracelet with golden details and I was not a really fan of bracelets I normally don't wear them but lately I've been liking to combine a few bracelets, I think it makes a huge different in my outfit. I got this one because I wanted a simple bracelet but that it could be elegant at the same time, and I got it, this bracelet is really pretty and the white and gold together are perfect it makes the bracelet really bright and pop out. It looks like a very expensive bracelet.

And here's the final item, one of my favorite pieces, "diamond" earrings. I'm absolutely crazy about this kind of earring, I think they look so elegant and pretty and even though they're small earrings I think sometimes they can get as much attention as statement earrings because they're really sparkly. I already own a pair of these earrings but they were a little smaller so I really wanted a bigger pair and these ones have a perfect size, I'm completely in love with them.

I'm really happy with the product I got from Born Pretty Store, they are exactly like the photos I saw and the quality it really is amazing.
So if you're looking for some beautiful jewelry pieces at a cheap price, check their website because you will find something you love, I guarantee you that and the pieces don't look cheap at all.
You can find all of these accessories on Born Pretty Store‘s website as well as many other gorgeous jewelry and accessories. If you order don’t forget to use my coupon code ANAT10, which gets you 10% off your entire order!
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  1. everything looks awesome, specially that bracelet..
    Keep in touch

  2. Brincos bonitos! :)


  3. I love their online store...they have the cutest things!

  4. The necklace is definitely an interesting piece. The color is very unique!

  5. Oi Ana!! Amei o brinco, um amor!
    Super beijo!
    Tem post novo sobre "it girl" e feminismo corre lá!

  6. Great necklace!

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