21 December, 2014

My Dresslink Wishlist

by Unknown 3 comments

I'm always online searching for new stores and new clothing pieces at an affordable price.
I think that bloggers have to know which shops are trustful and which ones aren't so that we can share with our followers and advice them, where to shop online. So when I find a shop that I actually like and that is the real deal I like to go through the website and create my wishlist. I do that a lot if I bought everything I have on my wishlists... Oh, My God, I would go broke in two seconds.
Today I decided to share with you, my wishlist from Dresslink. What I like about Dresslink is that people that bought from them, review the pieces in their website, so you can read what people thought about the fabric, the size, and some people also share picture of the real product, I have to say that seeing pictures of the real products has saved me a few times from buying things that look really cute in the description page photo but in reality is doesn't that cute. So to me that a big plus.
So now, here's my wishlist:

So as you can see, I added 12 items to my wishlist and they are all under 10$, so if you're looking for cute and affordable clothing, Dresslink is the place to shop.
Don't forget to check their website to find more beautiful pieces.