21 December, 2014

Wedding Dresses By LandyBridal

by Ana Correia 1 comment

Do you remember a post I did, talking about an online store that sells bridesmaid dresses because I was looking for one since I'm going to be a bridesmaid in May 2016. I was talking with the bride, a real good friend of mine and she does not have her wedding dress yet, and she was so thrilled with all the beautiful bridesmaid dresses that I showed her that she asked me if I could help her to search online for some websites that sell wedding dresses and maybe she would find something nice and not too expensive.
And I decided to show her one of my favorites online stores for wedding dresses. I already talked about this brand, here, and I really trust them and their products quality, they super nice and their customer service is really good when you ask for customized dress, otherwise I wouldn't recommend it to my friend.
The store is Landybridal which is the leading wedding dress and occasion dress manufacturer and they have their our own factory; they have been engaged in the wedding dress industry for more than 15 years. I mention above their customized service, which is great if you created an ideal wedding dress in her head. Landybridal will make your dreaming dress came to life.
My friend didn't really know what type of dress she wanted, but she said it had to have lace, so I went to Landybridal lace wedding dresses section and as soon as I started to show her, her eyes were glowing. I have to say that now I understand why she said that her dress has to have lace, I mean lace dresses are way more elegant and classy, I liked them so much, they were absolutely beautiful.
I want to show you, her favorite lace dresses :)
We went through dress after dress and she was getting a little confused and I guess a little emotion, mainly because she liking the dresses a lot, but she was also feeling that she was going to miss out the part of shopping for her wedding dress and trying them on. I could see that she was really confused because the dresses that she selected were gorgeous and the price was really good, so these dresses were all that she could ever ask for, especially because she didn't want to spend a lot of money on her dress, since the whole wedding was already expensive enough. So I had the idea, of making a dinner party with all the bridesmaids and her close family, I mean with the people she would like to take to go shopping for her dress and do the wedding shopping online, this way she could have the best of both worlds, she loved the idea. Since the wedding is only on May 2016, she will have time to think this through and prepare something special, which reminds me that, beside the lace dresses section we also went through, the wedding dresses 2016 section, Landybridal has this section where you can see the hot trends for next year and they have dresses that any other store sells yet.
So if you are not considering online shopping for your wedding dress, just because you don't want to miss out the tryout and dress shopping, maybe this can be the solution. You can have a lovely and fun night, with dinner and games or something like that while shopping for your dress with the people you love. From the 2016 dresses, she also liked these.
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