21 December, 2014

Landybridal Wedding Dresses

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Today's post is about a request I got from one of my readers. She sent me an email asking for my help and I really hope I can help her.
She's getting married on September 26th and she's having troubles finding a wedding dress that she likes on physical stores because of her budget and her size.
She only saw a dress that she said she liked and looked good on her, but it was 3 times over her budget, so she decided to buy her wedding dress online, but she's worried about which online stores are reliable and which ones are not.
Before I start, I want to congratulate Rita Cruz on her wedding and I really hope you find the dress of your dreams and I hope I can help you with it.
We have many online shops that sell wedding dresses, but I will talk about the only one I know it's reliable because like I said in one of my previous post, one of my friends ordered her wedding dress from there and it was everything she wanted and more.
The online store is Landybridal, which is the leading wedding dress and occasion dress manufacturer and they have their our own factory; they have been engaged in the wedding dress industry for more than 15 years.
My friend used them customized service because she created an ideal wedding dress in her head and, of course, she was not able to find one with all the requirement she wanted =). That's a great thing about Landybridal, they have the option to make your own dress, with everything that you've dreamed of.

Back to Rita Cruz, she told me that she likes two types of dresses, the first one is that vintage lace wedding dresses, and I went through the website and these two are definitely my favorites. The details are just amazing and it looks like princess dresses, I think lace wedding dresses are very classic and elegant and Landybridal lace fabrics are handpicked and very exquisite.
I left the link above because they have many other lace dresses.

She also loves the lace mermaid wedding dresses, I found out that this kind of dresses is fitted for curvy girls, I had no idea of it. The mermaid style details are able to flatter the lines of the body.
I did my top 3 lists but I have to be honest it was really difficult because these type of dresses are my favorites ones, and they have so many different styles that I'm starting to think that when my big day arrives I will have a really big decision because I pretty much love all of them.
So, I think that I help you guys with this post, I know that not every store has dresses for everyone's body, but that something I love about Landybridal, the dresses are measure made and they do it for every type of body, so take a look if you're in the same situation as Rita and find your dream wedding dress.
Check Landybridal Website:


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